Water Resources Department

Understanding our clients’ goals and aiding them in achieving those goals from a water resources perspective is our primary focus.

Department Supervisor:

Koryun Shahbikian, LLM, M.Eng., P.Eng. (Partner)

Our creative, efficient and cost effective solutions have stood the test of time in serving our clients and building long lasting communities. Schaeffers is known for producing stormwater management solutions in a prompt, efficient manner in order to serve our clients so they can meet any critical timelines for their projects.

Our assortment of projects range from small site plans to large city blocks. Our services can be used early in the process, such as aiding in due diligence analyses at the time land is purchased, to final assumption of a subdivision. In between these two end points of services, Schaeffers can participate in Master Environmental Servicing Plans (MESP), produce Functional Servicing Reports, Design Reports and many other such reports supporting design of infrastructure works for land development. Besides the above direct design related services, Schaeffers also has experience in indirect support services, such as managing a team of consultants in the preparation of a MESP, review of a municipality’s Development Charges or providing evidence at a Local Planning Approval Tribunal.

Water Supply

Supply of potable water to a land development project is naturally one of the key aspects of municipal infrastructure. Schaeffers has extensive experience in municipal water supply and distribution. Our water resources department works closely with our municipal design department to create efficient and cost effective solutions. To design watermain distribution systems, our team utilizes computer software such as WaterCAD. Such modelling will ensure a sustainable water supply system for the residents and providing water for fire protection. We work closely with local municipal staff to ensure harmony with the existing water supply system of the municipality.

Sanitary Wastewater Servicing

Besides supplying water, there is a need to safely and efficiently convey away wastewater with sanitary sewers. Our water resources staff supports our design department in the design of these systems whether it’s a free flowing gravity system, a pressurized forcemain system or resolution of infiltration/inflow issues. In many cases, complicated downstream systems are analyzed to determine available capacity for proposed land development. Various computer programs are at the disposal of our staff to procure effective and cost efficient solutions.

Stormwater Management and Flood Control

Over the years, stormwater management (SWM) has moved to the forefront of municipal infrastructure design. Mitigating the adverse effects of stormwater has proven to be a challenging task. Schaeffers addresses stormwater in many areas of land development.

At the MESP stage, Schaeffers addresses minor/major stormwater drainage systems, preliminary SWM pond design, preliminary culvert design and water balance.

At a more detailed, discrete level, Schaeffers can get involved in individual site plan applications for industrial/commercial or residential condominium developments. Stormwater engineering services for development at site plan level can include on-site detention on parking lots and on roof tops, along with availability of a multitude of LID techniques.

Other typical water resources assignments that often materialize during the approval process may include culvert designs, flood plain open space delineation, flood plain hydraulic modelling, natural channel design, erosion and siltation control, and natural heritage features water balance.

Examples of Projects:

  • Master Environmental Servicing Plans (MESP)
  • Residential and industrial subdivisions
  • Low-rise and high-rise Condominiums
  • Linear infrastructure in road allowances
  • Residential, industrial and commercial site plans
  • Sub-watershed Impact Study
  • Downstream Sanitary Sewer Analysis
  • Channel and Watercourse Realignment and Improvement

Types of Services:

  • Due diligence analyses
  • Computations and computer modelling for infrastructure design or analysis
  • Preparation of reports (i.e. MESP, Functional Servicing Reports, SWM Reports)
  • Development Charges analyses
  • Consultation and negotiation with government agencies to obtain approvals
  • Storm and Sanitary Flow Monitoring
  • Floodplain Mapping Studies


  • Water Supply
  • Sanitary Sewers and appurtenances
  • Storm sewers and appurtenances
  • Roads (i.e. major drainage systems)
  • Stormwater management ponds
  • Erosion and sediment control works
  • Natural channels and flood plains
  • Sustainable and innovative Low Impact Development (LID)