Our Mission

Providing integrated services and solutions to our clients by working together in a spirit of trust, fairness, mutual cooperation and dedication to excellence.

About Our Firm

Schaeffer & Associates Ltd. is a 100% Canadian employee owned civil engineering Company operating under the business name Schaeffers Consulting Engineers (Schaeffers).

We provide innovative and economic consulting services to private and public sector clients in Canada and internationally in the fields of civil (municipal) engineering and water resources management for a wide range of community growth related projects.


Since the start of the firm close to 60 years ago, Schaeffers has grown from a small group of industry experts led by Fred Schaeffer into one of Greater Toronto Area largest firms providing comprehensive consulting services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial land development.

In the early years of the firm, development projects were typically less than 25 acres in size and were designed, constructed, built-out and assumed in a straight forward manner with minimal Government involvement. Beginning with the 1970’s, large land assemblies were created and “new Towns” were conceptualized and realized in many of the suburban municipalities around Metropolitan Toronto.

Projects handled by the firm during this stage ranged from 100 to 1,000 acres. Many land holdings were dependent on neighbouring owners and “Developers Groups” were formed to share infrastructure projects which benefited more than one owner. During this period the planning process encouraged input from all agencies and interest groups. Developments were required to satisfy all concerns before approvals were forthcoming. Over the time, the role of the consulting engineer became more extensive and special skills were developed by our firm to handle the complexities.

Core Areas of Service

Today, our staff of over 100 employees embodies a dynamic and vibrant team of Professional Engineers, Project Managers, Technologists, Technicians, CAD Operators, Project Supervisors, Inspectors, Field Surveyors and Administrative Staff with vast experience and sterling reputation that is capable to deliver a wide range of municipal infrastructure projects from inception through to completion.

The core areas of expertise are a result of the combination of the needs of our clients, technical knowledge and market demands. Our capabilities and services are organically driven by client relationships as opposed to business units.

  • Land Development
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Water Resources
  • Stream and Sewer Flow Monitoring
  • Construction Management and Administration
  • Cost Sharing Services


Approach to Business

As a Canadian, partner owned and operated firm, the highest quality engineering, client satisfaction, professional reputation and quick turnaround time have always been of the utmost priorities to us. Our business philosophy is based on four pillars: KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, INNOVATION, SUCCESS.

Effective succession planning and talent management ensures that our consulting and managing team is offering exclusive experience and unique solutions covering wide spectrum of engineering problems. Our work is based on a blend of experience and creativity. Today’s budgetary constraints demand innovative engineering initiatives, which our Leadership Team has continually promoted. This approach has helped us serve high-quality tailored solutions that are reliable, economical, environmentally sustainable and acceptable to the public.

All projects begin with an initial contact with one of the Principals, who remains involved until the completion of the project, providing our clients with an accessible means to quickly resolve any issues. This friendly and readily available approach provides our clients with that personal touch and a level of comfort that is second to none.

The personalized service and earning trust through measurable results continuously attract new clients. Success of our business model is reflected in the outstanding time-proven growth record of the firm.


Over the firm’s sixty years history, Schaeffers has won many awards for its outstanding work. The following summarizes some of the awards:

  • Design Excellence Award for Bill Crother Secondary School, 2010, City of Markham
  • Environmental Green Award of Excellence for Block 12 Clean Water Collector System, 2008, City of Vaughan
  • Award of Distinction for Village Woods Creek Ravine, 2001, City of Vaughan