Design Department

Understanding our clients’ goals and aiding them in achieving those goals from a design aspect is our primary focus.

Department Supervisors:

Nelson Lee, C.E.T. (Partner)

Hagop Sarkissian, P.Eng. (Partner)

Each project is unique and successful design requires sound engineering judgment combined with a clear understanding of project objectives, existing site conditions and constraints, and local municipal guidelines. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative award-winning designs for our clients.


Land Development

As a civil engineer, we are an excellent partner for public and private clients looking to develop or re-develop property across all asset classes: residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial. We rely upon a wealth of available in-house expertise in land development accumulated by our specialists over decades of practice. We identify important issues early in the process, compare various design options, and recommend to our clients economical, innovative and sustainable solutions while reducing project risks and increasing its efficiency.

Vast knowledge and experience with land development engineering design allow us to successfully deliver a broad spectrum of projects, spanning from individual condo sites to block developments, including multiple sub-divisions and communal areas.

Core Service Areas:

  • Due Diligence review and preliminary costing
  • Planning, design, and delivery of site plan engineering projects
  • Development and re-development of subdivisions
  • Planning, design, and delivery of industrial, commercial and institutional developments
  • Block Plan Coordination
  • Engineering Support for Land Owner Groups
  • Functional Servicing Reports
  • Master Environmental Servicing Plans
  • Municipal and Provincial Agency Approvals
  • Earthwork Analysis and balancing


Municipal Infrastructure

As design specialists, we offer our clients a wide array of professional services, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our services span from the establishment of development values, functional servicing assessments, and conceptual design, to peer review, expert witness services, and detailed design.

Our expertise includes drainage conveyance, including innovative engineered solutions and low impact development measures; water distribution and sewerage systems; award-winning clean water collection systems; municipal and private roads; intersection design and improvements; erosion and sediment control; quantity and cost estimating; utility coordination and liaison with regulatory agencies, permitting and approvals.

Core Service Areas:

  • Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Intersection Improvements
  • Roadway Widening
  • Stormwater Management Facilities and Engineered Channels
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Sanitary and Storm Collection Systems
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Utility Co-ordination