Block 10

City of Vaughan

Block 10 is part of the area designated within OPA 400, which is a large planning initiative taken by the City of Vaughan in order to manage future growth effectively and efficiently. Central to the philosophy of this initiative is the ecosystem approach to planning whereby a “block plan” that integrates land use, urban design, major infrastructure improvements and traffic systems in one package is submitted for review and approval to the various governing bodies. This large scale co-operative planning approach is designed to establish a framework for development in the area in order to shorten the draft plan approval process.

One key advantage to this approach is that development limits can be property established through on-site field work with the appropriate authorities. In addition, field studies and analyses can also identify areas which are ideal for enhancement or restoration, thereby providing a net environmental benefit to the regional ecosystem once the area is developed.

This Master Environmental Servicing Plan report and its corresponding analyses identifies how the goals of the OPA 400 Environmental guidelines are met through the development of a comprehensive management plan which integrates the significant environmental features with the overall land use plan and infrastructure for the Block 10 area.