Koryun Shahbikian, LLM, M.Eng., P.Eng.


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Koryun started with Schaeffers in 2005 as a motivated municipal infrastructure designer with previous international experience in leading roles. Today Koryun is managing Water Resources Department and has accumulated over 20 years of experience in water resources and municipal engineering. Koryun is a proficient and enthusiastic manager, who oversees day to day activities, ensures staff and resources allocation, provides technical review and problem solving direction, exercises tight budget control and maintains liaison with clients and approval agencies.

Koryun has vast practical knowledge in project management and control, design of linear infrastructure and grading, design of storm water and LID facilities, computer modelling and analysis. He is actively promoting application of treatment train approach and innovative LID solutions through multi agency discussions and charrette meetings. His engineering and legal training allows him to interpret legislative requirements and to implement permissible engineering solutions that maximize development limits.